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Here is the link for the video!     Activities for the Honey Bee Video!  I hope you enjoyed the bee video!  Here’s some things I have found for you! Books for kids: - I am a Bee by Rebecca and James McDonald (preschool - 1st grade) - Explore my World Honey Bees - by Jill Esbaum (preschool - 1st grade)  - Bees by Laura Marsh (level 2 reader)  - Life and Times of the Honey Bee - by Charles Micucci

Read more   Here's my first video for kids on pollination!  This is just me and my phone.  I hope you enjoy the walk around my gardens.     Here is the link for the activities.   Here are links on some activities for pollination and pollinators!  I love that I found the activity book you can download from University of Illinois!!  It’s everything I was looking for in one place! Word search: Books: - Flower Talk - How Plants Use Color to Communicate By Sarah C. Levine - Animal Pollinators by Jennifer Boothroyd Bees, Bugs, and Butterflies: A...

Read more Above is the link for my first youtube video!  Not at all professional, just me and my phone.  I want to provide videos for families and their kids who are needing some help with schooling during the 2020 virus shut down.  Thanks!!

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  Into faith I go...  Love this song by Pat Barrett. It describes my life.  And this picture does too!  I took this one morning and just loved the sunbeams shining down on my plants. My first glance was, "Oh, this is the perfect picture,  God's love just shining down on me.  A morning hello from heaven". The longer I looked at it the more mess I saw.  The flat cart that's held my bee box all summer long because I won't take the time to carry it the storage shed.  The collection of who knows what on the bench...

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Oh the proverbial first step!  We all have to take it.  First as an infant transitioning into toddlerhood, as a child trying a new activity for the first time, and that big one, leaving home and starting out on your own!  All our first steps look different.  Some have a lot of spills and shaky knees, and some we are born for and have no problems at all. I have noticed the older I get, the fear level seems to increase.  I don't know why this is, maybe we notice the creaks and pains more that we did as a...

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