Taking that first step...

Taking that first step...

Oh the proverbial first step!  We all have to take it.  First as an infant transitioning into toddlerhood, as a child trying a new activity for the first time, and that big one, leaving home and starting out on your own!  All our first steps look different.  Some have a lot of spills and shaky knees, and some we are born for and have no problems at all. I have noticed the older I get, the fear level seems to increase.  I don't know why this is, maybe we notice the creaks and pains more that we did as a youth.  

For me, "what to do with my life now that the kids are all grown up" has been a big first step!  My desire was to always work for myself!  Flexible scheduling, work in comfy clothes and do what you love.  For 25 years, that job was raising three amazing kids.  It wasn't always easy, and some days I questioned why! But now looking back with all three happy adults pursuing their path in life, I can see it was all worth it.  I have always had projects and pursuits for myself.  Gardening, nature, pictures and sewing have been a passion of mine.  Before all the kids were out of the nest, I had already started a hobby business of growing plants and selling them at farmers markets.  My mom had instilled a love of gardening and plants.  After she passed away, I bought a small greenhouse and went at it!  It was a therapy for me.  I was able to talk to her out among the plants.  Having a business degree, I noticed at the markets, my product was very seasonal, especially during the heat of summer in Georgia.  I added to my list jams, garden crafts and eventually honey from my newly added apiary! 

My deep desire was to always have a brick and mortar store.  I didn't know how or where, but I knew that was my dream.  Mom passed away in 2007, so 12 years later I am taking a big first step - The Teapot Garden Boutique.  Only thing missing is the building.  While praying one day about what my purpose was and what should I be doing with my life, a voice spoke in my head "have an online store".  I met my sister that day for lunch and I told her what came to me.  She said,, "No way!  I just thought of that three minutes ago!"  (bug eyed emoji face!)  That night I spoke to my husband, who had been out of town, and he said he always wondered why I didn't do an online store.  Well, next confirmation came from my daughter.  She and my husband had been in the same town on different business the night before.  She told me that her and my husband were talking about that exact subject - one night before it came to me.  Well, I took that as an answer to my prayer.  So, here I am, taking that first step!  

Many a Bible verse would come in emails about following your passion, and taking the first step in faith of what God has planned for you.  While preparing all the technical things for launching a business, our pastor at Passion City Church, Louis Giglio, was leading a series on Passion with a Purpose.  It was a big kick in the bottom!  My purpose was to "Know Him, and make Him known".  With excellence, distinction and costly consistency, Jesus will lead me on my passion path.  I just have to take that first step!  

So here I am!  Jumping in.  I want to be here for you even though there is no physical building for you to come into.  I want to provide you with quality goods and services.  I want to start this journey and see where it goes!!  Have faith in all you do.  Take the first step and follow your dreams!



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God truly is amazing!! He has fashioned us; our talents, gifts and the desires of our hearts – he knows them well. Each one of us, different, special and dearly loved. He is so personal. Rejoicing with you as you start a new path!! May God bless this new endeavor and use it for his good pleasure. Much love.

Shirley Susko

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