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The Teapot Garden Boutique

The Teapot Garden Boutique's Raw Honey

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  • Pure, raw honey harvested from our hives in Mineral Bluff, GA
  • Never heated!
  • Blackberry Wildflower Honey is a dark in color, but a light honey taste.  Harvested after the Spring wild blackberries were in bloom. As always, other wildflowers and flowering tree nectar were collected by the girls, the the dark color comes from the blackberry blossoms.
  • Sourwood Honey is ready! A golden delicious honey from the nectar of the sourwood blossoms. Specific empty frames were placed in the hive during the sourwood nectar flow to ensure the purest of honey. Other wildflower nectar, of course, was collected  
  • Coming Soon! Wildflower Honey! These frames contain a mix of wildflower, blackberry, sourwood and other tree nectar. 
  • Limited quantities! 
  • One pound inverted squeeze bottle and 3 lb jug available