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The Teapot Garden Boutique

The Honey Bee Collection from The Teapot Garden Boutique

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  • This special line allows you to Enjoy products from our own beeswax and honey! 

  • Products include Lip Balm, Lotion Bar, Gardener’s Hand Scrub and Beeswax Candles
  • The Lip Balm is a silky balm made from our beeswax and  coconut oil, sunflower oil, with a light citrusy scent. Packaged in an oval tube container with lid
  • The Lotion Bar is perfect for those tough dry places like the elbow and heels. Made with our beeswax and olive oil and Shea butter. Unscented 2 oz bar
  • The Gardener’s Hand Scrub is a fine pumice, our honey and coconut and sunflower oils. Use warm water and a scoop of the scrub to remove the toughest grime while leaving your hands moisturized. 6 oz container. 
  • The Beeswax Candles are in Apple Peel and Balsam Wonder scents. Made if pure beeswax for a clean burn. 6 oz candle in a glass jar with lid